Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headaches and politics

There is an obsession with presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and headaches. An article in The Daily Caller quoted a former staffer to the congresswoman who claimed the congresswoman had debilitating headaches. I googled "Bachmann+headaches" and it showed me 2,230,000 results. The other phrases that were being used in these articles were "pill popper," "incapacitating," "high heels," "suffering," and "stress-related."

Next time a male candidate shows some aggression on a basketball court I hope I see 2,230,000 results when I google "his name + aggression." Then I expect to see phrases such as "aggression in Oval Office?" "angry, "hates losing," "can't control," "can the world be safe?"

"If I don't have a woman every three days, I get terrible headaches."


  1. I think they are just getting started on Bachmann. She's going to get it flung at her from both sides. It's grotesque.

  2. BTW, Andrea Tantaros on FOX's The Five said she knew for a fact the "former staffer" who dished all this is now a staffer on the Pawlenty campaign. Anyone smell a rat?

  3. you tell em Jennifer!!! Bet most of the male members of Congress (pun intended!!) take viagra!!! At least this time women of all political stripes have stood up and said "enough" and spoken up loudly and clearly. It has made a difference too, and much of the reaction has been clear, measured, and correct. Woo hoo!!!!

  4. This is just typical of politics and campaigning, is it not? The ultimate goal being to undermine the image of a capable opponent. I find this hard to see as a "men vs. women" issue. If a male candidate had migraines I have no doubt that it would be harped upon as well. This is the nature of politics, as unfortunate as it is. I would agree that women seem to be particularly subject to personal criticism, which ought to be mainly irrelevant in terms of a professional environment. I suppose we are all just waiting for the day that men and women will be victimized equally in politics -- as smear campaigns seem far from disappearing. Perhaps we ought to work for an overall change in politics as we know it.