Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headaches and politics

There is an obsession with presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and headaches. An article in The Daily Caller quoted a former staffer to the congresswoman who claimed the congresswoman had debilitating headaches. I googled "Bachmann+headaches" and it showed me 2,230,000 results. The other phrases that were being used in these articles were "pill popper," "incapacitating," "high heels," "suffering," and "stress-related."

Next time a male candidate shows some aggression on a basketball court I hope I see 2,230,000 results when I google "his name + aggression." Then I expect to see phrases such as "aggression in Oval Office?" "angry, "hates losing," "can't control," "can the world be safe?"

"If I don't have a woman every three days, I get terrible headaches."