Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl Scouts need new badges: Women in Leadership Badges.

I just received this tweet from Catalyst. 

Girls Scouts and Gender Stereotypes

“When boys speak to others about their Geologist badge, they have a legitimate career title to use and are likely to be taken more seriously in conversations than girls discussing their achievement of a ‘Rocks Rock’ badge,” Ms. Denny said.
Or consider some of the other names of badges for girls: Caring for Children, Looking Your Best, Sew Simple. The “Looking Your Best” badge offers an activity option of an “Accessory Party” where the girls “experiment to see how accessories highlight your features and your outfit.”

What new badges shall we create in addition to WOmen in Leadership?
1. Harriet Tubman badge for Courage.
2. Abigail Adams badge for Equality.
3. Statue of Liberty badge for Honor.

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